Platform support update: dropping SL4 and WP7.x

When developing Catel, we always try to keep as much platforms supported as possible. At the time of the Catel 3.7 release, the following platforms were supported: NET40 NET45 Silverlight 4 Silverlight 5 Windows Phone 7.x Windows Phone 8 WinRT 8.0 Portable Class Libraries Starting with Catel 3.8, the following platforms will be dropped: Silverlight 4 Windows Phone 7.x The following new platform will be supported in the new version: WinRT 8.1 Recently Microsoft has officially stopped supporting Silverlight 4. They will maintain Silverlight 5 until 2021 (source). This means that Catel will no longer support Silverlight 4 starting with Catel 3.8. In a recent poll we noted that a… read more →