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Support for multiple platforms

Catel can be used on both the server and client on any platform. This means that it is very suitable to be used in ASP.NET MVC web applications, but also in client platforms such as WPF, UWP, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Forms. The advantage of this multi-platform support is that this results in a very high code re-usage percentage. Another side effect is that the developer using Catel knows the features and can leverage from them on each client platform and even the server.

Built with the enterprise in mind

While most open-source projects try to achieve simple functionality that only serves a handful of people or solves simple issues, Catel solves the issues that each and every (enterprise) software developer has to battle. This means that Catel can be used in both simple and enterprise applications.

This results in fast and rapid development of both simply and enterprise applications which goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the philosophy of the .NET framework itself.

Great documentation

Documentation is important to us. It is so important to us that it is a first-class citizen for the project. This means that each component in Catel is documented both manually with examples as with xml documentation. The manual documentation tries to let the user understand the reasoning behind features and show the different (popular) customizations available.

The xml documentation ships with the Catel binaries and provides intellisense inside Visual Studio to give a better insight to the developer what a specific API call does and what is expected from the developer.

Free and open source

A great advantage of open source means that the community can view the source code and understand what is happening under the hood. Another advantage of making Catel open source is that users can help develop new features by creating pull requests.

If any company needs (company specific) customization of Catel, they can simply download the latest source code and modify and build the software themselves.

Great support and fast bug fixes

The support for Catel is excellent. We don’t think this ourselves, this all comes from the users of Catel. The average response time to new questions and issues is 2 hours. Most of the features that are requested are implemented within 1-2 days after the request was made (depending on the complexity of the feature request or bug report) and immediately made available to the users via nightly builds.

There are several enterprise support options available for the enterprise users that want to be sure they get enterprise-grade support.

Monthly releases and nightly builds

The team works in an agile manner which means that the team can quickly respond to new feature requests or bug reports. One of the advantages of working agile is that the team releases early and often.

The approach to release early and often means that an unstable version (nightly build) will be released after every feature or bug fix and the team tries to maximize the time between official release to a maximum of a month.

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