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Catel 3.7

Note that we recommend that you install Catel via NuGet.

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Release notes for Catel 3.7

Release date:

(*) CTL-4 Completely rewritten the serialization engine. This means that the logic is now extracted from the ModelBase into separate serializers which can be easily customized. It should also fix a few minor issues that were occurring due to the complexity of the old system
(*) Moved memento namespace to a separate extension (Catel.Extensions.Memento) to make the core more lightweight
(*) Change UpdateStatus method signature of ITaskProgressTracker
(*) IEntityRepository new returns an IQueryable instead of IEnumerable on retrieval methods
(-) CTL-4 Removed the SerializationHelper (now moved into separate classes registered in the ServiceLocator)

(+) CTL-5 Added Interception extension to create runtime interception of methods and properties
(+) CTL-6 Dependency injection is now supported in child view models. This makes it possible to combine both model injection with auto-completion from services registered in the ServiceLocator
(+) CTL-7 Added support for empty cell in the StackGrid control
(+) CTL-26 Added IQueryable<T>.Include extension so it is easier to include properties in an EF query
(+) CTL-39 Added IStartUpInfoProvider to allow the access to information such as InitParams (SL) or Arguments (NET) from any application point
(+) CTL-58 Automatic de/serialization of specified fields within ModelBase using the IncludeInSerialization and ExcludeFromSerialization attributes which also work on regular properties and fields
(+) CTL-99 Added extensions methods for the IViewModelManager to allow the closing of all view models that match a specified predicate
(+) CTL-111 Added BootstrapperTaskFactory to allow customization of the bootstrapper tasks for prism. Also added a lot of events to the BootstrapperBase to allow fine-grained control without having to derive a custom bootstrapper
(+) CTL-113 Added untyped expression overload for PropertyHelper.GetPropertyName
(+) CTL-118 Added support for Portable Class Library (PCL)
(+) CTL-127 Added DbContextExtensions to set the isolation level of a DbContext
(+) CTL-129 Added BatchLogListenerBase to write log events in configurable batches
(+) CTL-130 Added FileLogListener which writes to a log file in batches
(+) CTL-135 Added TaskCommand to Catel.MVVM (NET45, WIN80 and WP8 only)
(+) CTL-139 Added DynamicObjects extension
(+) CTL-152 Added MementoService.IsEnabled to temporarily disable addition of batches and actions
(+) CTL-153 Added GetChildrenViewModels to IViewModelManager to allow retrieving all alive children view models instances of a specified view model
(+) CTL-154 Added DependencyResolver and DependencyResolverManager
(+) CTL-167 Implemented SafeDirectoryModuleCatalog in Extensions.Prism because the default Prism directory catalog is not safe
(+) CTL-171 Added ReferenceManager to create a dictionary of references and unique identifiers
(+) CTL-172 Added ScopeManager to create custom scopes for any objects
(+) CTL-175 It is now possible to customize and replace of IoC components (for example, to use an external IoC container)
(+) CTL-178 Added possibility to implement a custom the ModelEqualityComparer. It can be overridden by instance (setting the EqualityComparer) or for all models (registering it in the ServiceLocator)
(+) Added extension method for ISplashScreenService for Prism to show progress control in a region
(+) Added some additionnals members in IViewManager.
(+) Added support to Commit enqueued tasks using an existing instance view model for SplashScreenService
(+) Added RegisterViewWithRegion<TView> method extension for IRegionManager to easily register a view type for a region
(*) CTL-11 IOpenFileService and ISaveFileService for NET40 and NET45 now implement all FileDialog properties that are available. The ISelectDirectorService no long implements interface IFileSupport
(*) CTL-117 Title property on ViewModelBase now has a setter as well which implements INotifyPropertyChanged
(*) CTL-126 Upgrade support for FluentValidation to
(*) CTL-151 Marked GetService on ViewModelBase and ServiceBase as obsolete => use dependency injection instead
(*) CTL-168 Buffering in Exception Handling so multiple exceptions can be throttled to prevent spamming
(*) CTL-187 Access to PropertyDataManager is now public to query properties of types
(*) CTL-194 ServiceLocatorRegistration attribute must be able to directly instantiate
(*) CTL-195 ServiceLocator.RegisterType with interface type should throw clear exception
(*) Changed the returned type of IViewModelManager.GetFirstOrDefaultInstance to the specified view model type
(*) Improved GetFromCacheOrFetch performance avoiding the serialization of multiples threads calls with different keys
(x) CTL-103 Fixed issue where WindowLogic could not correctly close a non-modal dialog in WPF
(x) CTL-108 Fixed issues with WeakEventListeners and WinRT
(x) CTL-112 Fixed issue where ViewToViewModel mappings did not work in WPF
(x) CTL-116 Fixed issue where some referenced assemblies cause Catel to break the designer in Windows 8.1 apps
(x) CTL-124 Fixed issue in PropertyBag where it checked whether the old value was equal to the new value. This could cause a StackOverflow when 2 different instances were equal (but not the same reference). The PropertyBag now checks whether the values are equal by reference
(x) CTL-128 Problem with navigation in WinRT apps
(x) CTL-132 Fixed bug where LinkLabel.Command actually returned the CommandParameter
(x) CTL-141 ‘ResourceMap Not Found’ in WIN80 project
(x) CTL-143 [WIN80] UseControl content change subscription does not work
(x) CTL-144 ServiceLocator exporting might cause CircularDependencyException
(x) CTL-147 GetFirstValidationErrorConverter might throw NullReferenceException
(x) CTL-148 NumberTextBox behavior no longer allows pasting of text without numeric values
(x) CTL-156 PleaseWaitService.Push doesn’t show correct message
(x) CTL-176 Fixed issue in TypeHelper.GetTypeName for generic types where the inner types would not be handled
(x) CTL-177 TypeFactory scoping too strict to allow inner type construction. The TypeRequestPath now removes types from the path when they are successfully instantiated to provide a better and less strict scoping mechanism
(x) CTL-179 Fixed issue when Modifiers=”None” was used on behaviors (default value), pressing SHIFT and a character wouldn’t trigger the events
(x) CTL-182 Fixed memory leak in nested view models and view models that had SupportIEditableObject set to false
(x) CTL-185 Unloading a view via UserControlLogic might resolve in memory leaks
(x) CTL-186 ViewModelPropertyDescriptor not respect the custom attribute, ViewModelPropertyDescriptor.Attributes.Count always 0
(x) CTL-190 TypeCache throws exception when same non-existing late-bound type is queried twice
(x) CTL-193 Unable to create catel window in seperate thread
(x) CTL-197 Behaviors no longer handle logic in design mode so properties will never throw exceptions at design time
(x) CTL-198 Exception on FieldValidationResult.CreateError when validate formatting string contains braces
(x) Unloading a view via UserControlLogic might resolve in memory leaks
(x) Fixed Drag and Drop behavior when the drop position is less then the initial item’s position
(x) Ensured the value of Owner property of Shell to NULL in order to avoid the application close when the SplashScreenService done
(x) Ensured Bootstrapper UI tasks calls using DispatcherService
(x) Removed the usage of the DispatcherService to execute a task in SplashScreenService to allow smoothly notification of the task progress

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