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About the team

Who are we?

The Catel team consists of a group of people that are enthusiastic about software development for .NET in general. They are all professional software developers and love to share their knowledge outside their work field as well.

The group members are from all over the world.

Meet the team

Geert van Horrik

Project owner & lead developer

Geert is a freelance software developer who started developing Catel in 2011. He was very enthusiastic about the WPF and MVVM frameworks. However, he was missing the actual functionality in the common MVVM frameworks and decided to write his own which eventually emerged into Catel.

Igr Alexánder Fernández Saúco

Software developer

Alexánder is a Software Engineer who found the perfect scaffolding to build enterprise applications in Catel. Eventually he noticed that some of his solutions could serve as a Catel extension for everyone to be used.

Alexánder is mainly responsible for the FluentValidation and Prism extensions.

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