Code snippets now available on the Visual Studio marketplace

A few weeks back, we’ve updated the project and item templates and re-published them on the Visual Studio marketplace. This time it was time to update the code snippets and publish them via the marketplace instead of manual downloads as well.

Today we are happy to announce that we’ve moved the code snippets from the Catel repository to the Catel.Templates repository. The code snippets can now be installed and updated via the marketplace (directly from within Visual Studio):

At the time of the release, the following code snippets are included:

  • log
  • model
  • modelprop
  • modelpropchanged
  • vm
  • vmcommand
  • vmcommandwithcanexecute
  • vmprop
  • vmpropchanged
  • vmpropmodel
  • vmpropviewmodeltomodel
  • vmtaskcommand
  • vmtaskcommandwithcanexecute