Released Catel 5.8.0

We are happy to announce that we have released Catel 5.8.0. As always, we recommend to update your apps and libraries to this new version as soon as possible. The new version can be retrieved via NuGet.

Platform support changes

  • #1103 / #1165 Convert to multi-targeted projects, PCL is no longer supported (.NET Standard is the replacement)

Classes / members marked as obsolete

  • #1124 Mark NullableValueConverter as obsolete since converter doesn’t have a target type,
    so this converter won’t work as expected NullableValueConverter
  • #1209 Mark IStartupInfoProvider as obsolete in favor of Orc.CommandLine since that implementation takes better care of supporting different quote styles (e.g. allows ‘)
  • #1216 Mark binary serializers as obsolete due to potential security issues in the binary serialization engine of .NET itself (see


  • (+) #1215 Add InvokeAsync() for UWP (NETFX_CORE)
  • (+) #1222 Add OnViewModelInitialized to view model auditors
  • (+) #1223 Automatically invalidate application-wide commands on view model initialization
  • (+) #1224 Add HasWarningsOrErrors as extension method for IValidationContext
  • (*) #1231 Improve UpdatableMarkupExtension so it can provide dynamic values in styles
  • (x) #1218 UIVisualizerService is not setting parent window correctly
  • (x) #1220 DispatcherExtensions.BeginInvoke should never return null as task
  • (x) #1225 CatelLog.AlwaysLog is not being respected in LogExtensions
  • (x) #1227 SavableModelBase.Save throws InvalidCastException for UWP platform