Catel is now an Open Collective

Catel has joined Open Collective. This means it’s easier than ever to support the development and maintenance of Catel.

If you use Catel, there are lots of ways to contribute:

  • Talking about it (community events, blog posts, friends, etc)
  • Reporting bugs
  • Improving code (via PR)
  • Adding new features (via PR)
  • Supporting financially (as a backer, sponsor or donator)

Using Catel commercially? Ask your manager to sponsor Catel as a company so we can keep providing quality updates.

Becoming a backer / sponsor

The Catel team would appreciate any financial support for the work we are doing. To become a backer, sponsor or donator, go to Open Collective and click one of the contribution buttons shown below:


Becoming a donator

Rather do a one-time donation? Go to the donation page and decide how much you want to donate.