Released Catel 5.6.0

Today we have released Catel 5.6.0. As always, we recommend to update your apps and libraries to this new version as soon as possible. The new version can be retrieved via NuGet.

Platform support changes

#1103 / #1165 Convert to multi-targeted projects, PCL is no longer supported (.NET Standard is the replacement)

Classes / members marked as obsolete

#1124 Mark NullableValueConverter as obsolete since converter doesn’t have a target type,
so this converter won’t work as expected NullableValueConverter


(+) #1188 Add ResourceHelper.ExtractEmbeddedResource
(+) #1190 Add ServiceLocator.TypeUnregistered event with type / instance info
(+) #1193 Add Task<ProcessResult> IProcessService.RunAsync(ProcessorContext)
(+) #1199 Support serialization of root dictionaries in xml and binary serializers (Json already supported)
(*) #1187 Allow process service to specify the working directory
(*) #1200 Remove SerializationContext.CreateSerializableToken and replace by method calls
(*) #1202 Optimize dictionary lookups to improve performance
(x) #1194 OnDeserializing and OnDeserialized are called twice on ModelBase (de)serialization
(x) #1195 BatchLogListenerBase WriteBatchAsync async handling not working
(x) #1196 Command containers are not registered with correct container type
(x) #1197 ReferenceManager uses wrong key to check for existence of objects
(x) #1198 Json serializer doesn’t support ModelBase as a collection serialization
(x) #1201 Xml serialization sometimes causes first chance exception “name cannot begin with the ‘<‘ character”
(x) #1205 CommandManager should only subscribe to key events on the current thread