Released Catel 5.5.0

Today we have released Catel 5.5.0. As always, we recommend to update your apps and libraries to this new version as soon as possible. The new version can be retrieved via NuGet.

Note this change also includes the simplified solution structure, meaning it should be much easier to fork & contribute to Catel in the future.

Platform support changes

#1103 / #1165 Convert to multi-targeted projects, PCL is no longer supported (.NET Standard is the replacement)

Classes / members marked as obsolete

#1124 Mark NullableValueConverter as obsolete since converter doesn’t have a target type,
so this converter won’t work as expected NullableValueConverter


(+) #1183 Add MultiLingual App Toolkit (MAT) to support all target frameworks
(*) #1123 SaveFileService & OpenFileService should support Windows file filters in UWP
(*) #1181 Support passing in IEqualityComparer for ListDictionary
(x) #1180 Potential NullReferenceException in Timer
(x) #1184 ObjectIdGenerator should lock generation process