Cleanup of NuGet packages

In order to slim down the Catel solution, we have (re)moved some packages. You can read more about it in the announcement. As a result of that, we have unlisted legacy packages from the NuGet repository. This means:

  • The packages are still available for restore (so if you use them, your code will continue to work)
  • The packages are no longer visible when searching for Catel packages

The following packages are / will be affected:

  • Catel.Extensions.Controls (Replaced by Orc.Controls)
  • Catel.Extensions.CSLA
  • Catel.Extensions.Data
  • Catel.Extensions.DynamicObjects (replaced by Orc.DynamicObjects)
  • Catel.Extensions.FluentValidation (replaced by Orc.FluentValidation)
  • Catel.Extensions.Interception
  • Catel.Extensions.Memento (replaced by Orc.Memento)
  • Catel.Extensions.Prism (replaced by Orc.Prism)
  • Catel.Extensions.Prism5 (replaced by Orc.Prism)
  • Catel.Extensions.Prism6 (replaced by Orc.Prism)
  • Catel.Extensions.Wcf.Server
  • Catel.MVC
  • Catel.MVC5

And some example packages:

  • Catel.Examples.WPF.Prism.Modules.NuGetBasedModuleA
  • Catel.Examples.WPF.Prism.Modules.NuGetBasedModuleB
  • Catel.Examples.WPF.Prism.Modules.NuGetBasedModuleC
  • ModularityWithCatel.Desktop.ModuleA
  • ModularityWithCatel.Desktop.ModuleC