Released Catel 5.3.0

Today we have released Catel 5.3.0. As always, we recommend to update your apps and libraries to this new version as soon as possible. The new version can be retrieved via NuGet.

Classes / members marked as obsolete

#1124 Mark NullableValueConverter as obsolete since converter doesn’t have a target type,
so this converter won’t work as expected NullableValueConverter


(+) #333  CTL-271 Support generic lists in ServiceLocator
(+) #1141 Add support for object instances in ObjectIdGenerator
(+) #1158 Implement keyboard event subscriptions for UWP implementation of CommandManager
(*) #1127 Use TypeCache instead of AppDomain.CurrentDomain in ServiceLocatorDependencyRegistrationManager implementation
(*) #1143 UserControlLogic should dispose view models if they implement IDispose
(*) #1144 Improve [Save|Cancel]AndCloseViewModelAsync behavior when calling on an already closing view model
(*) #1146 Reuse identifiers in ObjectIdGenerator
(*) #1150 DataWindow uses Dispatcher to subscribe to Closing event in order to allow derived types to subscribe first
(*) #1154 Fix DebugLogListener so it also works in release mode
(*) #1159 Allow EqualsIgnoreCase / ContainsIgnoreCase / etc to accept null values (then the result should be false)
(*) Update .NET Standard to 2.0.1
(*) Update Xamarin.Forms to
(x) #1142 LogicBase calls CloseViewModel twice on view model that is already closing
(x) #1155 DelayBindingUpdate behavior might crash when dependency property is not found