Released Catel 5.2.0

Today we have released Catel 5.2.0, the second maintenance release of Catel 5.0 (released on July 26, 2017). The list below shows the most important changes. We also have a full list of changes.

  • #147 Update project & item templates to Catel 5.x
  • #1114 ChildAwareModelBase should revalidated when child validation changes
  • #1115 Change ViewModelManager.UnregisterAllModels() so that it removes an unnecessary list of models
  • #1075 ServiceLocator.ResolveTypes and ServiceLocator.ResolveAllTypes are confusing, therefore ResolveAllTypes (and all corresponding overloads) are renamed to ResolveMultipleTypes since it can resolve multiple types at once instead of all types of the same registration type
  • #1028 Some global styles don’t work in DataWindow, work in Window
  • #1108 IDataErrorInfo model validation on view models are not mapped at the right time
  • #1120 TypeCache deadlock when loading assemblies in a specific order & dependency set