Released Catel 5.1.0

Today we have released Catel 5.1.0, the first maintenance release of Catel 5.0 (released on July 26, 2017). The list below shows the most important changes. We also have a full list of changes.

  • #1077 Add IViewModelLocator.IsCompatible and IViewLocator.IsCompatible to allow multiple views and/or
    views models to be compatible with multiple view models and/or views
  • #1095 Add mode MixedBash to FastObservableCollection
  • #1096 Add mode MixedConsolidate to FastObservableCollection
  • #953  Cache ToString, ToUpper() and ToLower() calls
  • #1017 Improve performance of ViewToViewModelMappingHelper
  • #1068 Minimize allocations using ArrayShim
  • #1070 TypeFactory.CreateInstanceWithParameters use the most specialized constructor
  • #1083 Derived ChildAwareModelBase from ValidatableModelBase instead of ModelBase
  • #1084 Add virtual validation methods to ValidatableModelBase
  • #1085 Changed ValidatableModelBase.IsValidationSuspended to be virtual
  • #1088 Fix issues with FastObservableCollection especially with SuspensionMode.Mixed
  • #1093 Fix Command.Execute bad async implementation (resulting in exceptions not being thrown)