Catel 5 into beta

We are very happy to announce that Catel 5 has just been released as beta. The team believes the code is stable and ready to be tested on a wider range of apps & components.

How to get the beta?

Getting the beta versions of Catel is super easy since beta versions are released to NuGet (so no need to set up a custom MyGet feed). Just check for unstable updates of the Catel packages and you should be ready to go.

How to upgrade to the latest version of Catel 5?

Please make sure to check out the update guide to Catel 5 in the official documentation. Catel 5 contains breaking changes so make sure to read the guide first.

We want to know the pain points of updating to Catel 5. If you hit something that is not documented, please help us out documenting the missing pieces by creating a Pull Request (PR) for the docs.

What’s new in Catel 5?

Check out the release notes in the repository.

What’s next?

We expect Catel to be in beta for about a month (depending on the feedback we get). In the meantime we will be working on cleaning up the examples and creating new ones. If you have ideas for examples, please let us know.