Released Catel 4.5.0

Today we have released Catel 4.5.0. The list below shows the most important changes. We also have a full list of changes.

We strongly recommend to update to the latest version. The longer you wait, the harder the updates will be in the future.

Most important changes

We won’t list all the changes here, we have an issue tracker for that. But here are the most important changes:

  • Improved support for UWP apps, Catel is being used in several popular UWP apps now
  • CacheStorage now disposes objects implementing IDisposable when cache is being invalidated (also configurable to disable this)
  • Views based on Catel can now define the container name resulting in improved performance to prevent Catel from wrapping the view model grid (uses can define it manually now)
  • Lots of small performance improvements (especially noticeable on slower (mobile) devices)
  • Lots of preparations for the next big update (5.0), marked several classes / members obsolete