Released Catel 4.1.0

Today we have released Catel 4.1.0. This is a maintenance release of features that didn’t make it into 4.0. The list below shows the most important changes. A full list of changes can be found here.

We strongly recommend to update to the latest version. The longer you wait, the harder the updates will be in the future.

Most important things first

This release contains 1 breaking change for users that already updated to Catel 4.0.0. Unfortunately we made a bad design decision to fully convert the IUIVisualizerService to async. We have reverted this change and added addtional methods with an Async postfix for the async implementations.

For users coming from < 4.0 releases, this is not a breaking change. For users that are on 4.0 can either add Async to their calls on the IUIVisualizerService or no longer await the method.

Relevant changes

Since this release contains over 50 tickets, only the most relevant changes are listed below.

  • Support for PRISM 5 with a separate extension
  • Added DisposableToken to easily allow the use of a “set and reset”-feature without having to worry about exceptions
  • ServiceLocator now supports IDisposable. If it is called by the app on shutdown, it will dispose all the containers that implement IDisposable

This release also contains several bug fixes such as memory leaks and performance issues.