Released Catel.Fody 1.7.0

Today we have released Catel.Fody 1.7.0. This is mostly a maintenance release and provides the following changes.

Validate for automatic change notifications

Catel.Fody already weaves regular properties with matching methods into Catel properties with change notifications:

public int SomeProperty { get; set; }

private void OnSomePropertyChanged()
    // automatically called thanks to Catel.Fody

However, when a user accidentally added parameters to the method, it would cause invalid runtime issues:

private void OnSomePropertyChanged(int parameter)
    // now broken

The new version of Catel.Fody will show a warning and give the developer two options:

1) Rename the method to get rid of the warning and remove accidental usage of the method (which is not intented by the developer)

2) Remove the parameters and cause the method to be called automatically

Add support for generic properties

A quite special occasion where generic types where used as base class for models were not yet supported by Catel.Fody. See the class definition below for an example of a generic type definition which is now fully supported.

public class MyModelBase<TModel> : ModelBase
    public TModel MyProperty { get; set }

public class MyIntModel : MyModelBase<int>
    // This class now supports an automatic Catel property 
    // public int MyProperty { get; set; }