Professional support and news updates

As you might have noticed, we brought the website of Catel to a new level of professionalism. The reason is that we want to provide a quality framework with Catel. In the past we provided quality based on these factors:

  • Short release cycles
  • Documentation in confluence
  • Xml documentation in code

With the new website the following new factors will be added:

  • News and blog posts which will be updated regularly
  • Ability to subscribe to news and blog posts via RSS or a newsletter
  • Commercial support options

News and blog posts

A few weeks back, we put out a poll on how the Catel team should reach out to you. The majority of the visitors wanted a clear news page / blog with an RSS feed they can follow. The new website allows us to easily write separate news and blog posts and provide a separate RSS feed. The news will also be displayed on the front page of the website as you can see in the image below:


To keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news, you can do the following:

Commercial support

We noticed that larger companies start to use Catel as a basis for all their .NET-based applications. Those companies see what advantages the framework brings to the quality of the code and software in general, but are sometimes careful by using free and open-source software because they are often being abandoned or not supported in a professional manner.

To support such companies and provide them the trust to use Catel in their commercial projects, we now offer commercial support:


The packages can be purchased each month support is required. For example, if a company would need a specific hotfix on production code for Catel, this will be available in the Corporate support package.

Does this mean you will have to pay for Catel now? No, Catel is and will stay free. This way we are trying to provide professional support for professional companies and generate some income to keep supporting Catel like people are used to.