CatelR# is now available for ReSharper 8.0

CatelR#CatelR# is now compatible with the latest version of ReSharper (R#).

We also keep the compatibility with the most recent R# versions including 6.0, 7.0 and 7.1. The full installer, that also includes the R# 8.0 assemblies, of the latest beta of CatelR# is available to download here.

R# 8.0 includes a NuGet based Extension Manager and the Catel Team started to publish the CatelR# extension in the Extension Gallery.

Yes, CatelR# is alive. We keep working in more features and also are waiting for your ideas. You got one? Let us know!

So, ensure yourself to install the latest version of R# and you will no miss any of the forthcoming CatelR#’s cool features.

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